June 19, 2016


Competency Training is an initiative started by Shalaka. It aims at providing training to qualifying professionals and students on emerging technologies like IoT, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Designing an Ultra-Low-Power (ULP) Application WithMSP432™, Embedded Systems in Robotics and many more. It has been established to bridge the demand-supply gap of professionals on Embedded technologies and aims at upgrading individual’s skills and making them future-ready for jobs that will require them to be well versed with the emerging technologies. The benefits of a skilled workforce and learning solution are significant and measurable, and they affect all areas of the organization from sales and marketing to customer service and support.




Team Shalaka works with the vision of providing the business fraternity with technological empowerment and by optimizing all parameters use best of all available resources. Human resource is one of the key element of any business. And leveraging human resource quality is our responsibility. Our training courses follow the philosophy of practice while learning.

learning experience

Learning is an experience , everything else is just information

Shalaka offers to provide a variety of experiences in different domains of the core engineering industry:

  • Certified training in IoT product development
  • Certified training in Embedded System Develop
  • Special niché training in specific domains of Embedded Systems
    • Bluetooth
    • ZigBee
    • Wifi
    • Ethernet/Wifi
    • Linux Device Driver
    • Automotive Electronics
    • And many more….



This learning pyramid is valid on all levels of corporate life. The training program is focused with this principal in mind and keeping candidates updated with the world is our focus.


The Learning Experience:

  • Training by Expert and Passionate Trainers
  • Hand-on Experience
  • Certification
  • Focus on updated technology


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