November 24, 2017

PCB Manufacturing and Assembly Services

Shalaka has a dedicated team to handle manufacturing services. Shalaka has an internal system as well as certified partners who assist Shalaka in manufacturing of PCB, Assembly and Inventory Management.

In collaboration with PCB design team, Shalaka offers its client an end to end service for their hardware requirement. Shalaka use frugal inventory management systems, algorithms and procedures to find the quickest delivery time and complete transparency towards our customers for best delivery.

Shalaka is working with multiple international companies and their Indian subsidiaries to help “Design and Manufacture in India”.

Along with managing bulk order, Shalaka focuses on serving growing companies with PCB prototype manufacturing and small batch manufacturing with a turn around time of as short as 5 days. We have served a wide range of customers ranging from, Manufacturing, Home Automation, Automotive, Commercial Electronics, Contract Manufacturers, Industrial Controls etc.

Our dedicated staff is well equipped and flexible to handle variety of orders and customized requests for your hardware services.

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