November 24, 2017

PCB Design and Layout

Shalaka has over 30+ years experience in PCB design and Layout. Shalaka has a dedicated team of specially trained engineers that focus on PCB design and layout activities. This is specially for customers who want rapid prototype designs. Shalaka also has an internal team that can convert documents in schematic files and PCB designs.

Benefits of using our PCB Design and Layout includes, strict delivery timelines, strict BoM management, accelerated development cycles, technical PCB designs, Certification Consultants and Design of High Density and Special purpose boards.

General PCB design capabilities include: High Speed Digital, Analog and Mixed Signal, High Power, Antenna Designs, Package Design and RF.

PCB Design Services:

  1. Schematic Capture
  2. Schematic Generation
  3. PCB Design
  4. PCB Layout
  5. Prototype Procurement


Shalaka has worked with Clients across the Globe and helped them design PCBs with precision.

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