April 15, 2017

Internet of Things

Team Shalaka has over 15 years experience in Embedded Systems and Enterprise Software & Applications, and with this experience has been able to design 50+ Internet of Things based solutions for companies across the Globe.

Team Shalaka provides expertise on all layers of IoT. Team Shalaka has designed it’s own IoT hardware and software platform “ReMoNet Solution” that enables a combination of Hardware and Software to provide the perfect combination for any Internet of Things focused product. The platform focuses on Rapid Hardware Product Development along with Security, Control and Analytics.

Hardware Development

Team Shalaka’s focuses hardware development using Microcontrollers and Microprocessors from companies like Texas Instruments, STM, Infineon, NXP, Dialog Semiconductor, Microchip and many more. The team focuses on designing hardware that optimize computational strength and power consumption in their devices. The hardware focuses in the core part of the IoT ecosystem that covers:

  • Machine Connectivity/M2M/IIoT/Smart Factories
  • Home Automation/Smart Homes
  • Building Management Systems/Security
  • InsurTech & FinTech
  • Robotics & Artificial intelligence
  • Retail and Apparel Industry

This hardware focuses on connectivity using a large variety of protocols that are applicable across the mentioned domains. Team Shalaka has experience in WiFi, Bluetooth Low Energy, Zigbee, 6LoWPAN, LoRa and legacy protocols like Ethernet, Rs485/RS232, GSM etc.

Devices designed by Team Shalaka have been across applications ranging from Smart Factories, Data Mining, Data Analytics, Robotics, Sensor Fusion, Control Systems and other IoT applications.


Team Shalaka has designed IoT Gateways that perform several critical functions such as Device Connectivity, Protocol Translation , Data Filtering and Processing, Security, Updating, Management and more.

Gateways provide the following function along with regular functionality:

  • Trusted connectivity and security — ensuring the integrity of the network and system in both directions
  • Protocol and data bridge — being able to translate and transfer data among and between systems operating with different communications protocols and data formats
  • Storage and analysis — onboard application development platforms and storage to drive intelligence and decision making closer to the device
  • Management — the ability to provision, update and control access of devices to the system as well as policy-based permissions

Cloud Application and Mobile Applications

Team Shalaka enables this data collected by Sensor nodes deployed to a Cloud Servers and provide Dashboard, Machine Learning, Analytics and Graphical Representations etc. The data collected can be sent to Cloud services like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix, ThingWorx etc. Information deployed on Cloud can be displayed using a Mobile Applicaiton on Android and iOS.

  • Developing Android applications
  • Developing iPhone / iPad / iOS applications
  • Simple, effective and user friendly interface
  • Power sensitive applications with effective power management to preserve battery life
  • Single touch / multi-touch gesture applications
  • Effective use of peripherals such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, storage, GPS, accelerometer and so on


Internet of Things Value Addition 

Systems and Software designed by Team Shalaka are focused on providing the perfect value addition to any organization and any product. The systems revolve around the prime belief of Quality and Performance.


IoT Value Addition

Till date, Shalaka has designed over 50 IoT systems across different industrial verticals. Con


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