Hrishikesh Kamat at Electronics For You – India Electronics Week

Hrishikesh Kamat, CEO of Shalaka Technologies presented at the Electronics For You – India Electronics Week 2017. 

The topic for the event was ” Benefits of IoT : Introducing IoT in your organization”.

This topic covered tangible and intangible profits from IoT and various benefits and feasibility challenges. Focused  on harnessing the power of real time data and rapid reaction for the same. Internet of Things or Connected Devices can help organizations in improving efficiency, quality and reduce downtime or faults. There are various case studies discussed.

Key take away were:

Internet of Things is not a concept only meant for end product or customer utilization but also being experiment in manufacturing processes, customer care and customer acquisition. This would help the audience understand and brainstorm over possibilities where IoT devices or Connected Devices can be used to improve different parameters or factors of organizational efficiency

Hrishikesh at EFY IEW 2017

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