Hemant Kamat at Electronics For You – India Electronics Week

Our Founder & CTO, Hemant Kamat talked about ‘UPCOMING TRENDS IN THE WORLD OF AUTOMOTIVES’ at the Electronics For You – India Electronics Week 2017.

A wide range of topic were covered by Hemant.

  • Importance of Electronics in Automotive                                                            
  • Protocols used in Automotive Electronics like CAN/LIN
  • OBDII  – What is OBDII , Advantages , Challenges , Use Cases , RoadMap
  • Telematics and its Advantages
  • Car to Car communication and its applications
  • Car to Anything Communication and its applications
  • Implementation of various technologies in Automotive Industry
  • Future and Road Map for Smart Automotive
  • Case Studies of the Automotive World

Key take away were:

  • Understanding importance of Electronics in the Automotive World
  • Understanding importance of Deterministic Data in Automotive World
  • Advantages of Predictive and Preventive Analysis
  • Plan roadmap towards Smart Automotive

hemant kamat at IoT efy iew - automotive electronics

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