Plant theft costing uk construction industry over 800 million a year, Can Shalaka UK Help

A review conducted by leading insurer Allianz Cornhill, today reveals that over £70 million of construction plant, including excavators, compressors and even cranes, has been stolen from construction sites in the last year, despite initiatives by the Government to encourage plant manufacturers to improve in-built security features.

It estimates that the UK construction industry is now losing over £800 million a year when other costs associated with plant theft are taken into account. These costs include plant replacement costs, hire of replacement equipment, loss of business and increased insurance premiums. The insurer has also discovered that thieves have become more sophisticated in the methods they employ, even posing as plant manufacturers maintenance workers in order to remove vehicles from site.

The problem, in part, stems from the tight deadlines which many construction projects operate under. Ease of use is of primary importance and the equipment needs to be available for operation immediately, without the need to disable immobilisation systems or search for unique keys. This has led manufacturers to develop plant with a single common key operation system, leaving much equipment on site wide open to thieves who can easily obtain keys. The rate of theft is often made worse by the common practice on building sites of leaving keys somewhere in or near the equipment. Of those pieces of equipment that are locked up, a large majority are secured with a small chain and padlock that are easily removed.

Thieves are also attracted to plant because of the very low recovery rates – less than 10 per cent compared with motor vehicles, which enjoy a recovery rate of around 55-60 per cent. This is because items of plant have few identifying marks that can be readily and easily seen and lack of registration documents mean it is difficult for the police to identify stolen plant and return it to the owner.

In 2000, the Home Office set up the Plant Theft Action Group (PTAG) with the objective of combating plant theft. The group brought together representatives from manufacturers, plant hirers, insurers and the Police. It also includes The National Plant and Equipment Register (TER), a company who operates a national database of owned and stolen plant – something that is essential if recovery rates are to improve. PTAG’s work is starting to make a difference but the construction industry themselves are key to improving theft rates.

Alan Harris, Allianz Cornhill Engineering Director, said:

“The UK construction industry can ill afford to continue to lose equipment to theft at this rate. We knew the problem was bad but had not realised the massive economic impact this must have on the industry. As the commercial and residential property markets slow and the construction industry sees increasing pressure on profits, it cannot sit back and let more and more equipment be snatched from under its nose.

”Construction companies must wake up to the fact that small investments in security and registration with the TER can pay dividends. Money spent on security measures such as physical locking devices, covert identification marking of equipment and effective site and depot security can quickly be recovered through insurance discounts, reduced claims and less downtime. This will mean lower rates of theft and, ultimately, a lower cost to the industry”

This is where Shalaka UK step in to help build a solution to reduce these thefts on construction sites across the UK, About us below;

Shalaka Technologies is a leading designer and manufacturer in India and Europe. Shalaka was founded in 2004, with the vision to contribute to technological advancement and growth of organisations and the country. Many of Shalaka’s designs lead the market in performance, technical edge, size and robust design.

Shalaka has strong expertise in

  • Embedded System
  • Hardware
  • Firmware
  • Product Development
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Training
  • Corporate Training
  • Training to bridge gap between academics and Industries

Shalaka has a strong R&D team, that works round the clock and is involved in developing systems used around the globe. Team constantly dedicates time and effort to stay ahead of time in product development assuring customers products that can be upgraded with advancement in technology with minimal effort. Products designed by Shalaka are customised and crafted as per industry requirements thus providing a perfect solution.

Shalaka has a strong product offering. Our focus is using our strong engineering capabilities to design and manufacture customised solutions and provide our customers tailor made solutions.

Team Shalaka follows a lean method that helps development of rapid prototypes for feasibility and design. Shalaka has manufacturing capabilities that enhance our delivery and assure standardisation and quality.

Team Shalaka works with a blank canvas when beginning with every solutions and uses our designed modules and engineered designs to find a variety of solutions for every problem. Team Shalaka coordinates with our clients with time to time updates and provides assurance of feasibility and working of designs. The team is determined to overcome unforeseen hurdles and makes sure that optimum solutions are delivered.

Shalaka has over 200 satisfied customers around the globe!

Benefits for our clients:

Quality Embedded Systems using state of the art technologies in microcontrollers, peripherals, sensors and transducers, communication interface.

  • Hardware, Firmware and Large Scale Manufacturing
  • Host Software for the analytics and logistics
  • Host Software for Configuration and Control to have an interactive approach
  • Industry Standard Enclosure for Embedded Systems

Shalaka also supports upgrades and warranty for our designs covered as per required.


At Shalaka , we understand the power and value of innovation, and therefore we are committed to long-term investments in research and development. Shalaka’s mission to go beyond client expectations with the highest quality standards, technology, talent, and innovation is what drives our dedication to foster a culture of cutting-edge software development and technological advancement.

Shalaka promotes and acquires top talent, providing them with the tools to create innovative software platforms and proprietary intellectual properties. Our innovation programs include:

The Shalaka Technology Strategy Center that supports a team of specialists dedicated to our brand of Software Imagineering, an initiative to foster innovation Shalaka’s incubator labs at colleges and universities that foster new talent and advance scientific research Incentive R&D programs for Luxoft’s outstanding employees Advanced in-house technical skills training

Shalaka’s in-house R&D teams produce software product platforms that are easily scaled and customized to fit the unique requirements of the client, significantly reducing the time-to-market and overall development costs for new and updated products.

Our R&D teams have recently developed proprietary, industry-specific platforms for the automotive, energy, telecom and financial industries. We have come up with a solution that may help prevent this and help reduce construction theft in the future.

In 2016, we concentrated all efforts on developing commercial for detterant. RemoCapture is a wireless intruder alarm with built-in HD night vision camera and infrared LED’s all systems will be able to stand alone The radio range is up to 400 meters.

Operation is easy, setting and un-setting is done from a full text keypad much like your home or business alarm system.

RemoCapture can work for up to 4 years on one set of batteries and has an operating temperature range of -30 to +60 degrees. Also RemoCapture has a two-way mobile communication system where you can physically talk to the intruder to get of your land. This will be a deterrent for construction theft in the UK, amd may help reduce construction theft in the future.

In the event of an alarm the camera records a short 1 min-2 min video clip of what caused the activation and sends it to our alarm receiving centre. The alarm receiving centre then has the option to view the video and if the intruder still on site they can then speak to the intruder directly which will then hopefully scare the intruder to leave the site.

The system is still at design stage and if any companies have any requirements for a system like this please speak now and we can look at also putting your requirements into the system we are building.

Author: Adam McCrum

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