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Embedded Systems

Design and Develop Embedded Systems and Connected Devices using State of the Art Technology. We design our own Hardware and Firmware.

Enterprise Software

Offer a wide range of software, web and cloud services. Software services use a wide range of technologies for different organizations

Retail and Corporate Training

We offer Corporate training in Embedded Systems Product Development and Design. We help bridge the gap between Academics and Indsutry

Internet of Things

Team Shalaka has a dedicated team towards development of Internet of Things/Connected Devices. Shalaka has been a pioneer in designing and manufacturing wide range of products for our clients.

50+ Internet of Things Products and Prototypes Designed using Latest Technologies

About Us

Team Shalaka
Team Shalaka - A Leader in Product Development and Support

In its 14th year of operation. Shalaka has served over 200 clients and designed over 50+ embedded and Internet of Things products and prototypes which are now being used globally. Shalaka has corporate tie ups with more than 15 international companies for Research and Development, Product Design, Technical Support and Technical Training . Team Shalaka focuses on a lean method of product development. Shalaka specialises in rapid prototyping using modules developed during the journey till today. Shalaka has a special team that works alongside with Startups, and help them design hardware for their product in INDIA. Shalaka believes in developing high quality products and focuses on using certified and tested equipments. Shalaka also has developed a wide range of end to end solutions towards Industrial Internet of Things.

  • Embedded Systems

    ARM, Automotive, Wireless Technologies, Image Processing, Industrial Electronics, Power Electronics, Product Development, Interactive Embedded Systems, Embedded Linux, Device Driver and many more...

  • IoT Software and Applications

    MQTT Server, Cloud Solutions, Mobile Apps for IoT Hardware, Machine Learning Algorithms, Data Analytics etc.

  • Training

    Corporate Training in Embedded Systems, Wireless Technologies, ARM, Device Drivers, RTOS, Automotive Electronics and Embedded Programming

  • Internet of Things

    Sensor nodes, Data Concentrators, Protocol Converters, IoT products, WiFi, Ethernet, Zigbee, 6LoWPAN, LoRaWAN, RS482, RS232, CAN and many more. Focused of designing systems in house, and manufacturing capacity for mass delivery. Focused on developing robust products that can work in harsh environments and on ultra low power


Young Team with Experienced Leaders
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Chief Executive Officer
Hrishikesh is an Electronics Engineer and focuses on development of new ideas and products for our clients. He is also involved in helping the team in rapid prototyping
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Chief Technology Officer
Hemant has an Master’s degree in Industrial Electronics and has been building products since 30 years. He has been a keynote speaker at international events focusing on Industrial IoT and Embedded Electronics.
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Marketing Head
Has over 7 years of diverse experience in B2B technical writing, E-Commerce, B2B marketing & strategy and organising trade shows/ exhibitions, and Industrial Internet of Things.
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Research & Development and Product Head
Passionate about Electronics and IoT, Praveen dedicates his time in product development and works towards development using new technologies and product development
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Shubhangi is one of the founders of Shalaka and plays the key role in inspiring the team and has played a major role in bringing Shalaka upto International Standard. She is a continuous source of inspiration towards reaching newer milestone
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Finance Domain Expert
Mandar assists Shalaka in finance domain helping us design systems and software with well thought features for our clients. This ensures our quality for finance and insurance industries.
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Software Domain Expert Advisor
Ajay helps Team Shalaka develop software using various technologies especially in the web and server domain. His expertise helps us design products that are fast, reliable and that can undertake abuse in usage

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