Team Shalaka

"We Make The Difference"

Team Shalaka is a team of passionate people who believe in quality for every product developed. Shalaka assures that the Team is always updated to use the best technology available. Now into its 12th year of operation, Team Shalaka has lived upto its motto each time.
Shalaka has development centers in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and Belgaum and is planning to expand to more cities soon.

Embedded Development

We have the expertise to develop embedded systems from prototype to a final product with bleeding edge technologies. Yes, we work on Internet of Things !

Software Service

We offer enterprise solutions to organizations so that they can build their enterprise the fullest potential. We provide an entire system of hardware and software


Trainers have corporate training experience of over 15 years and at esteemed organizations like Robert Bosch and Lear Corporation


We have our own range of products to benefit you in every way.

Embedded Development

"Yes, we work on Internet of Things !"

Team Shalaka focuses in developing Intelligent Embedded Systems as per clients specifications. Our solutions are designed for robust environments and are designed aesthetically. The team has been instrumental in working towards helping our clients utilise the best of the technologies with utmost easy and comfort. We ensure quick return on investment and high quality deliverables to our clients.

How we Work

Team Shalaka believes in having a systematic approach towards any solution, taking into consideration all the aspects for a project

1. Each project begins with a clean slate
2. Submission of technical document and upon agreement, submission of techno-commercial document.
3. After initial commercial process, we begin with our internal development
4. Just like any development project, we face hurdles at every stage from PCB development, procurement, bugs, errors, but we believe that " A calm sea does not make a brave sailor"
5. We believe in modularity, and use our modules developed or sometimes develop ourselves and keep the development process of the prototype fast
6. We remain in contact with technical support teams of our vendors throughout the project
7. The team is always determined to overcome every block on our way to develop a successful product.
8. For the team Quality is the first priority, and we deliver the best product
9. Upon completion of prototype, we have a quick process that helps us mass manufacture the same for commercial purpose if required.


Enterprise Software

"We develop powerful software for a variety of organisations"

Shalaka offers enterprise software solutions for every requirement. Dynamic and Responsive software help every organization in achieving their ultimate goals. Our embedded and software solutions can blend in every organization as a perfect fit.

Shalaka offers web site development and hosting services. Shalaka has the skills to design and develop data driven web sites and portals as also eCommerce sites with online payment and other features Shalaka enterprise software solutions group is equipped with the latest tools to develop software solutions for the Microsoft Windows platform using the .Net Framework and other technologies, Java Technologies and Open Source tools.

Shalaka also offers standard off the shelf products that are easy to install, configure and deploy. Small business enterprises can benefit from these products as no advanced skills are required to deploy these solutions. Yet, these solutions are guaranteed to inter operate as the enterprise grows and other enterprise resource management modules are deployed.


"Join our Make The Difference Initiative"

Shalaka provides a variety of training for enthusiasts in Embedded Product Development. Learn to build industry quality products under the guidance of Team Shalaka. Trainers at Shalaka have also trained at other organizations like Robert Bosch and Lear Corporation. Contact us and " Make The Difference". We believe in learning through experience. Our training programs focus on hands-on work along with theory. We strongly believe in the age old saying, "Practice makes a man perfect."


"A family of IoT products to solve your problems !"

Team Shalaka has developed modules that will help you connect your present equipment to the internet. We specialise in customising our modules and connect your devices to the internet. That enables every organization concentrate their data at one point as well as grant control over them remotely. Internet of Things is the next big thing, and we are one of the best in it. We have featured our products across international conferences and events. Team Shalaka is recognised as one of the leading companies in development of Internet of Things equipment for a variety of organisations

ReMo (remote monitoring)-A real time monitoring device which gives you hands on control over intangible odds (temperature, humidity, power loss etc.) through latest communication gadget with safety and economical application .At your next door. Contact Us for more details


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