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Internet of Things

Team Shalaka has a dedicated team towards development of Internet of Things/Connected Devices. Shalaka has been a pioneer in designing and manufacturing wide range of products for our clients.

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Embedded Systems

Design and Develop Embedded Systems and Connected Devices using State of the Art Technology. We design our own Hardware and Firmware.

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Cloud, Applications and Analytics

Shalaka offers a wide range of Support and Services in Cloud and Analytics for IoT applications. Team Shalaka also provides Applications development in Android and iOS

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Retail and Corporate Training

We offer Corporate training in Embedded Systems Product Development and Design. We help bridge the gap between Academics and Indsutry

50+ Internet of Things Products and Prototypes Designed using Latest Technologies. Shalaka has till date executed 71 IoT projects for Clients across India, Germany, USA, Netherlands, UAE and Australia.

About Us

Team Shalaka
Team Shalaka - A Leader in Product Development and Support

Shalaka has a global team of 20+ experts working in the field of Internet of Things and Embedded Systems Shalaka Connected Devices focuses on providing Internet of Things end to end product development and services for our clients. Shalaka has corporate tie ups with more than 15 international companies for Research and Development, Product Design, Technical Support and Technical Training . Team Shalaka focuses on a lean method of product development. Shalaka specialises in rapid prototyping using modules developed during the journey till today. Shalaka has a special team that works alongside with Startups, and help them design hardware for their product in INDIA. Shalaka believes in developing high quality products and focuses on using certified and tested equipments. Shalaka also has developed a wide range of end to end solutions towards Industrial Internet of Things and Smart Cities too.

  • PCB Design, Bluetooth Low Energy, WiFi, Ethernet, LoRa, NB-IoT, Zigbee based communication. Design of Nodes and Gateways for IoT solutions that can be customised for various Cloud Services and Analytics

  • MQTT Server, Cloud Solutions, Mobile Apps for IoT Hardware, Machine Learning Algorithms, Data Analytics etc.

  • Corporate Training in Embedded Systems, Wireless Technologies, ARM, Device Drivers, RTOS, Automotive Electronics and Embedded Programming

  • Helping in Digital Transformation, Architecting IoT solutions, Providing EMS support, Integration of Different Solutions, Product Planning, IoT Strategy planning

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