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Shalaka Technologies Private Limited is a Company focused onEmbedded Systems, Enterprise Solutions, Mechanical Engineering services and IT enabled services.

Embedded Systems

Shalakahas the expertise to execute development of embedded systems from concept to prototype. Shalaka offers following services in the embedded systems domain.

Connected Devices and Internet of Things based on state-of-art microcontrollers and communication interfaces such as USB, RS485, Ethernet,WiFi, Zigbee, GSM/GPRS, PLC
HMI for Industrial and Automotive applications
Data Acquisition Systems, Instrumentation and Process Control solutions
Reference board and applications design
Products design in Home, Office and Industrial Automation
Device Drivers, SDK for GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows and other RTOS

Enterprise Software Solutions

Shalakaoffers modular enterprise software solutions to organizations so that they can build their enterprise resource management system in phases to match their requirements and priorities.

Shalakaoffers web site development and hosting services. Shalaka has the skills to design and develop data driven web sites and portals as also eCommerce sites with online payment and other features

Shalakaenterprise software solutions group is equipped with the latest tools to develop software solutions for the Microsoft Windows platform using the .Net Framework and other technologies, Java Technologies and Open Source tools.

Shalakaalso offers standard off the shelf products that are easy to install, configure and deploy. Small business enterprises can benefit from these products as no advanced skills are required to deploy these solutions. Yet, these solutions are guaranteed to interoperate as the enterprise grows and other enterprise resource management modules are deployed.

Mechanical Engineering Services

Shalaka has excellent infrastructure to provide CAD, CAM and CAE services to engineering enterprises and OEM in the automotive and automotive components, boat building, aerospace and engineering equipments areas. Shalaka offers following services to the engineering sector:

Drawing conversion
Design and modeling
Product Lifecycle Management
Finite Element Modeling and Analysis

IT Enabled Services

Shalaka can assist small and medium businesses in implementing IT infrastructure within their organization. Shalaka has the required expertise to provide following services:

Intranet implementation
Linux implementation
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